Our Current & Upcoming Events


Love Feast By The Sea

Come join us for our first ever All Day Beach BBQ & Communion on Saturday August 10th! Come join us at the beach for fun, games, food and fellowship. we are providing the hamburgers and hot dogs. Sign up if you can bring sides, chips and drinks. bring your lawn chairs it is going to be a great day at the beach. 

New Sunday Sermon Series - The Gospel of Luke!

We have begun a new sermon series for the New Year! We are now studying "The Gospel of Luke - A Thinking Man's Gospel!" We began this on Sunday, January 13, 2019, and we have opened up our Mid-Week Bible Study as an opportunity to dig even deeper into that passage, as well as, other Bible Study Discussion topics.

Tuesday Nights - Berean Style Mid-Week Bible Study!


Our Mid-Week Bible Study Meetings are NOT a typical lecture style lesson.  No, we begin with a couple of questions that may have developed out of the previous Sunday morning sermon, then we search the scriptures together for the answers to those questions, but this often leads to other questions, and then even more searching out of what the Bible says, and so on.  This Berean style of Bible Study (see Acts 17:10-11) accommodates people who are at all different learning levels and Bible knowledge, as we learn together, from one another.  This allows for older/more experienced in the Word of God to be able to guide others who are newer in it, and it models a way for them to learn how to study it, while at the same time still providing for instruction and learning all together. 

We Meet Tuesday Nights from 7:00 - 8:30 PM, at our NEW LOCATION at 

Mount Rubidoux 7th Day Adventist Church, located at... 

5320 Victoria Avenue, Riverside, CA 92506.

4th of July Celebration with The Church Family

For the second year in a row we celebrated the 4th of July as The Church Family with the incredible opportunity of sharing together an evening of Fun, Food, Fellowship and Fireworks at a prime location. For more information click the link below.

Love Feast/Communion Service - 2nd Saturday each Month

We began celebrating our regular "Love Feasts" (i.e., Communion Service) as of Saturday, June 9th, 2018. These special service times take place the 2nd Saturday of every month. But they are not like what you may typically think of when you consider your regular brief Communion Service - often something that is attached at the end of a regular church service. No, this is specifically a time where we focus on gathering and sharing together in a meal to Remember what Christ has done for us through Worship and Communion, and a time of Communing together around Food and Fellowship. It's what the original Church commonly called "A Love Feast". To find out more click the link below.

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Father's Day Sports News Sermon Event!

Sunday June 16 (on Father's Day) we will be having a Special Father's Day Sports News Sermon and Sunday Service as we honor our Fathers and learn about the wide world of men in the Bible! Wear your favorite sports jersey or team cap. Click below or more info.

Roses to the Rest Home!

Sunday May 12 (on Mother's Day) The Church Family Fellowship has chosen to go to a local Rest Home in Riverside following our church service on Mother's Day and hand out roses to the women of one of our local rest homes, to let them know they are loved. And you can join us for this event!

Easter at The Church & 1st Easter Egg Hunt

We had such an amazing time at The Church Family Fellowship with our very first Easter Sunday Service and our very first Easter Egg Hunt! Wish you could have been there! Well, maybe next year!!! 

Official Launch of The Church Family Fellowship!

Thank You Lord for an  incredible Church Launch! What a great day God had blessed us with and what wonderful turn out too! To find out more about this event and see some pictures select the link below.

Repaint You Thinner!!! Repaint!

Yeah, we were getting our Children's Ministry room all ready for our big reveal for our upcoming Official Church Launch. And we had a blast doing it!

First Baby & Child Dedication Service

How cool to be able to have the first ever Baby and Child Dedication at The Church Family Fellowship! To learn more about our dedication service, see pictures and learn how to have your child or baby dedicated click on the link.

2019 Past Events (See Where We've Been)



The Lord has answered our prayers for a new location for The Church Family Fellowship!!! We have now relocated, as of December 23, 2018 to the Mount Rubidoux 7th Day Adventist Church site, which is located at 5320 Victoria Avenue, Riverside, CA 92506! Come check it out and see what great things God has done!!!

The Church Family Fellowship Mid-Week Bible Study!

We began regular Bible Study Meetings Officially as The Church Family Fellowship on Wednesday nights, since February 7, 2018!  It has been an incredible time of learning and lively discussion for all! We have now completed our series on: 

"Our Statement Of Faith" in mid April, 

"Discovering Your Spiritual Gift" at the end of June, and

"A Letter to The Church - 1 Corinthians" at the end of January 2019.  

Two Or More Lead Worship Sunday 01/20/19 at 10AM

Our beloved Band of Brothers "Two Or More" again lead us in worship Sunday 01/20/19 at 10AM. Renato, Eddie & Walter are dear friends of our ministry who are highly gifted musicians and vocalists, but more than that they have a deep love for the Lord and for the Family of God! It was a great blessing to have them out!

Christmas Caroling as The Church December 23rd!

On Sunday December 23rd in the evening we joined with the Thomazin Family in their annual tradition on going around singing Christmas carols to their neighbors and then watching the movie White Christmas together. However, we chose to sing to our brand NEW Church Location neighbors, we gathered at our new location and sang Christmas Carols and invited our new neighbors to our New Church location. It was a great time for a fun evening of singing, food and great fellowship!

Hanukkah Meal for The Church Family Fellowship

Donald & Melanie Gerber invited us as a church family over to their house for a traditional Jewish Hanukkah Meal! Melanie's family shared with us this wonderful family tradition (on Tuesday, December 18th, at 7:00 PM) and we all had such an amazing time together! THANKS SO MUCH!! For more info select the link below

Last half of 2018 Past Events

Sharing News about The Church & Praying for a Location


The Church Family Fellowship is NOT your typical church. First noticeable difference is we do not have a Senior Pastor because that role is already filled in Jesus Christ, the Chief Shepherd (Ezekiel 34, Matthew 9:35-38, John 10:1-18, 1 Peter 2:25 & 5:1-4), instead we have Ministry Teams including a Team of Pastors...

The Church Family Fellowship Starts SUNDAY SERVICES!!!


We are super excited that as of Sunday, November 4, 2018, we have officially started holding regular Sunday Services!!! Snd for even MORE exciting news 

select the link below... 

Church Planting Prayer-paration Meeting


Sunday, October 14th at 10:00 AM we met at Tom & Lee Ann Thomazin's house to have a focused time of prayer and worship specifically around what are the next steps regarding our church planting. We invited others to come join with us as together we seek the Lord and hear His plans for The Church! 

Served with Grand View Baptist Food in their Bank Ministry


Tari Stevens and Pastor Tom got to join with Grand View Baptist Church on their monthly Food Bank ministry, which is held the last Saturday of every month. There were other church groups who join with us in this great service to the local community in helping to meet the needs of those who have very little, but were blessed with so much. It's a great to be able show God's love in a tangible way.

Two Or More at Grand View


We were so blessed to have our very dear friends and brothers Two Or More (who have been praying for The Church Family Fellowship since we began in February 2018) joining with us Sunday morning (September 23rd) as our special guest artists leading us in worship and sharing their special music ministry for the 11:00 AM worship service at Grand View Baptist Church. 

The Church's Pastor's Have Now Been Ordained!


On Saturday, September 8th, 2018 we held our very first Ordination Service of The Church Family Fellowship. We Licensed and Ordained Cleve Stevens, Lenny Esposito, and Tom Thomazin. Several friends and family of The Church came to participate in this very special event that was part of our regular monthly Love Feast. It was held at 5:00 PM at Lenny & Chrissy Esposito's house, located at 2940 Pecos Way, Riverside, CA 92506. To see pictures of this grand event select the link below for more info.

First 6 Months of 2018 Past Events

Special Home Concert with "For The Fatherless"


We set aside our regular Wednesday Night Bible Study on August 22nd for a very special event! We had special guest artists, Brian & Christa Yak from For The Fatherless come out from New York to provide us with a special Home Concert event. We had a incredible time of worship and ministry that evening and everyone who participated was blessed by it. We thank our friends Brian & Krista for coming out to minister to us. Wednesday, August 22, at 7PM, at Cleve & Tari Steven's Home.

Our Pastors have begun Preaching on Sundays in August!


Grand View Baptist Church is a church in Grand Terrace that is currently without a pastor, since we (The Church) have 3 pastors, but no physical building, we thought we would help each other out! Therefore each Sunday morning August through October our pastors at The Church will be taking turns preaching at Grand View. The service begins at 11:00 AM and there is children's programming available for that service. So come see what God is doing  - it is truly something NEW!

Sharing News about The Church & Praying for a Location


he Church Family Fellowship is NOT your typical church. First noticeable difference is we do not have a Senior Pastor because that role is already filled in Jesus Christ, the Chief Shepherd (Ezekiel 34, Matthew 9:35-38, John 10:1-18, 1 Peter 2:25 & 5:1-4), instead we have Ministry Teams including a Team of Pastors...

4th of July Celebration as The Church


As The Church Family we had an incredible opportunity to Celebrate together the conclusion of our Discovering Your Spiritual Gift series on Wednesday night, with the joy of sharing a meal together and watching the evening fireworks from a prime location together along with The Church Family and Friends.

Memorial Day BBQ


We held our first Memorial Day BBQ and it was an outstanding time of food and fellowship! Several people came by to join us in remembering and celebrating those who have sacrificed for our freedom. We enjoyed a time of fellowship and food with a Backyard BBQ at the Thomazin home, located at 20812 Hillsdale Road, Riverside CA 92508. It was on Monday, Memorial Day, May 28th starting at 2:00 PM. Please RSVP to (951) 675-0969.

SPECIAL EVENT: Valentine's Day Banquet


The Church held it's first ever Valentine's Day Banquet on Wednesday, February 14th, at 

The Old Spaghetti Factory

We were blessed to have as Special Guest Artist Raymond Gregory there to share his music. What a great evening it was! If you'd like to see more of what took place from this event then please select the button below.

Our Humble Beginnings

We Held Our First Bar-B-Q & Informational Meeting


We were so blessed to see God working in this event. 50 people come out to our first ever Bar-B-Q & Informational Meeting about The Church. This meeting was for all those who are interested in hearing more about the start of this new church plant. The meeting was held on Saturday, January 20, 2018 (5 - 8 PM) at Cleve & Tari Steven's house located at 18915 Doving Lane, Riverside, CA 92508. For more information and to see pictures of this event select the link below...

Applying for NAMB Church Plant Status


It's now official! Our Church Name is...

The Church Family Fellowship

But our common name (or nick name) is:

The Church

Pastor Tom is currently in the process of applying with the North American Mission Board (NAMB) to be a new Southern Baptist Convention church plant. Please be in prayer for this process as The Church will be a completely unique church for NAMB.

Sharing News about The Church & Praying for a Location


The Church Family Fellowship is NOT your typical church. First noticeable difference is we do not have a Senior Pastor because that role is already filled in Jesus Christ, the Chief Shepherd (Ezekiel 34, Matthew 9:35-38, John 10:1-18, 1 Peter 2:25 & 5:1-4), instead we have Ministry Teams including a Team of Pastors (Under Shepherds) whose primary role is to focus on equipping The Church Family (the Body of Christ) to "do the work of service" (as per Ephesians 4:7&11-16). 

We began as a Home Bible Study in February of 2018 and to date we have a team of three teaching pastors who have committed to this vision: Tom Thomazin, Cleve Stevens, and Lenny Esposito. Along with our wives (Lee Ann, Tari and Chrissy), we are called to serve, learn and grow right along side of the rest of The Church Family. Currently there are other men, women and families who have joined with us and there are several others who are praying about the Lord's leading for them to join with us in this new ministry venture. We are confident that in whatever capacity the Spirit of God calls them He also will gift them to serve.

Please join us and them in prayer regarding the Lord's calling upon you, and step out in faith to come and serve, either in your local church or come minister and serve along side us. 

We believe that God has called us to the Riverside/Moreno Valley area, however we are waiting upon the Lord for clear direction on a location. Please pray with us about this as well. Thanks!