Leading Worship at The Church!

Two Or More to Lead The Church Family in Worship

We are so blessed to have our very dear friends and brothers Two Or More (who have been praying for The Church Family Fellowship since we began in February 2018) joining with us this Sunday morning (January 20th, 2019) as our special guest artists to lead us in worship and share their special music ministry for the 10:00 AM worship service at The Church Family Fellowship. 

An Ecuadorian-American band of brothers, Two or More, come from the Southern California area performing a style of Latin rock that has been compared to Santana. The band primarily consists of three brothers: Walter, Eddie, and Renatto Aguas.

For the past several years now, Two or More has been a full-time ministry and a favorite of Christian music lovers everywhere. With two nationally-released CDs producing three top ten CCM radio singles, the band has toured across the US and into Central and South America several times.

Whether it’s a mellow unplugged evening with the three brothers or a high energy Latin rhythm filled concert hall with the full six-piece band, Two Or More brings a Christ-centered heart, complemented by unparalleled musical excellence. You and your friends will not want to miss out on the inspiring worship experience that will fill The Church as we meet this coming Sunday. 

The Church currently meets every Sunday morning at 10:00 AM, at Mount Rubidoux 7th Day Adventist Church, which is located on 5320 Victoria Avenue, Riverside, CA 92506. The Church is a place where you can get to know God, grow in your relationship with Him, and to learn to love Him and one another. Come experience The Church in action and find out what it means to truly be a part of the Body of Christ! For more information about The Church go to the web site at:

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Not familiar with "Two Or More"? Or my friend then you have truly been missing out! To find out more about them visit their FaceBook Page at the link below