Forging A Firm Faith: Revealing Fulfillment in Faith

7/14/19 – There are two needs from two different people brought to Christ. Pastor Lenny shares how Jesus handles these in Luke 8:40-56 and reveals more than you may think at first blush. See how Jesus's actions tell us something about God's plan for the world. As he continues his series on Forging a Firm Faith in this four-part mini-series taught on Sunday mornings based on the eighth chapter of the Gospel of Luke. 

From the Forge to the Field: To Proclaim the Kingdom

7/21/19 – Pastor Cleve leads us in follow-up to Pastor Lenny’s mini-series in Luke 8 into a new mini-series into Luke 9 as he opens up Luke 9:1-17. We will learn to carry the message of the kingdom of God into our world so don’t miss the start of this new mini-series as we continue through the gospel of Luke.

The Gospel of Luke Series - Past


Introduction to the Book of Luke "A Thinking Man's" Gospel

1/13/19 - Pastor Tom began our new series in the Gospel of Luke, starting with the 1st four verses of chapter 1, giving us an introduction to this book and the overall value it has to us all. In fact, if you have a quizzical or questioning mind, then this is the Gospel that answers questions for all of humanity about Jesus Christ. 

Here's Johnny!

1/20/19 - Pastor Cleve opened up the scriptures in Luke 1:5-25 to reveal to us the importance of the forerunner of the Messiah! Here comes Johnny!

First Comes Love, Then Comes Jesus!

1/27/19 - Pastor Lenny unfolded Luke 1:26-56 for us as we learn about the most miraculous miracle of all time! And the Virgin shall bare The Son! Come and learn of all the things you have missed in the message of the Angel to Mary announcing Jesus' birth.  

The Witnesses to the Birth of Jesus

2/03/19 - Pastor Tom preached on Luke 2:1-40 regarding all the witnesses to Jesus' birth. Your nativity set is not correct, nor is it complete! So get ready to add some more participants to the total scene!

Yes Virginia, there really was a 12 year old Jesus

2/10/19 - Pastor Tom completed Luke Chapter 2:41-52 as he revealed to us Jesus as a real 12 year old child and the major lessons we can learn as God's children, and as parents, through the childhood of Jesus and from the children God blesses us with.

John's Calling, Can You Hear Me?

2/17/19 - Pastor Cleve will be exploring and explaining the calling of John the Baptist from Luke 3:1-20.   Come and hear the word as he asks us all, have we heard the call? And if so, what is our answer? 



Jesus' Credentials, Can You See Me?

2/24/19 - Pastor Cleve will be revealing the credentials and qualifications of Jesus as the Messiah and the Son of God, as made clear in Luke 3:21-38. Come and hear the proof of Jesus' credentials and observe it for yourself, as Jesus asks you the question: "Can you see Me?"

When The Remake Outshines The Original

3/03/19 - Pastor Lenny will be exploring and explaining the temptation of Jesus from Luke 4:1-14.  Come and hear the answer of how to withstand the temptations of the devil. 

Dealing With Rejection In Ministry

3/10/19 - Pastor Lenny will unpack the beginning of Jesus’ ministry and the rejection He experiences found in Luke 4:14-30.  Can you handle the truth? 

Sure and be gora, there really was a St. Patty!

3/17/19 - Come and hear the story of the real and true St. Patty, as Pastor Lenny explains the spiritual significance and link to this very special day; and find out so why do we wear green anyway? 

Jesus Has Authority

3/24/19 - Pastor Tom will complete the overview that Luke provides for us of Jesus’ ministry as found in Luke 4:31-44. Here we see Jesus’ teaching and healing ministry revealed and recognized by all. Do you? If so what response do you have to Jesus?

Jesus Launches His Ministry

3/31/19 – For our Church Launch Day Pastor Tom will be preaching from the passage in Luke 5:1-11 where Jesus launches His ministry and says “Come Work with Me!” He creates a picture-perfect example of the mission of The Church and you are invited to view it and consider Jesus’ calling to you as well.  



Jesus, The Real Mr. Clean

4/07/19 – Pastor Tom speaks to us out of Luke 5:12-26 revealing how Jesus is the real Mr. Clean, as we learn how Jesus cleanses a Leper and forgives the sin of a paralytic. Won’t you come, listen and learn how to be made clean? 

Dinner with Sinners

4/14/19 – For Palm Sunday Pastor Cleve will be sharing with us a sermon entitled “Ready for Something New?!” about welcoming outcasts to the table and the purpose and value found in Fasting. Come and let’s learn together how we can to apply the lessons found in Luke 5:27-39. 

Walking with the Resurrected Christ

4/21/19 – It’s Easter!!! Pastor Cleve will be sharing with us out of Luke 24 regarding the Emmaus Road experience. We will hear all about what it must have been like to walk with the risen Christ and hear Him speak. Afterwards we will have a special Easter Egg hunt for the children. Come Celebrate Easter with The Church Family Fellowship!! 

Against The Grain

4/28/19 – As we continue in our journey through the gospel of Luke Pastor Cleve will be sharing from Luke 6:1-11 regarding the Sabbath and who is it for? What is lawful and what is not on this day and why? Hope to see you on this coming Lord’s day. 

Check Your B-Attittudes

5/05/19 – Christ’s Sermon on the B-Attitudes seems to be such a well-known sermon but how well practiced is it? Pastor Lenny will uncover the true purpose and practice of what the B-Attitudes are all about. So, come prepared to check your attitudes as we dive into Luke 6:12-26 together. 

Love Your Enemies?

5/12/19 – What?! Why would I want to do that? Since we are to be like Christ this would be a key factor in living life as He did and does. Pastor Lenny will be exploring God’s love in contrast with how the world loves as we examine Luke 6:27-36. 



Don’t Judge Me!

5/19/19 – Should we be judging one another? What does the Bible say about this subject? Pastor Cleve will help us understand how to rightly divide the Word of God, especially when it comes to being discerning and discriminating in a righteous way according to the very words of Jesus Christ, in Luke 6:37-49.

Healing a Centurion’s Servant & Raising a Widow’s Son

5/26/19 – Pastor Cleve will be waking us into a deeper understanding of Luke 7:1-17, as he compares and contrasts the healing of a Centurion’s sick servant and the raising to life of a widow’s dead son. There is a special significance that connects this passage of scripture to our lives today. Come see Jesus heal the sick and raise the dead! 

Dealing with Doubt vs Unbelief

6/02/19 – In Luke 7:18-35, we encounter another interesting contrast and comparison, as our author points out the difference between a believer who doubts vs an unresponsive generation. Pastor Tom will unpack this passage for us, along with a taste of pictures from the Israel trip in an effort to wet your appetite for a deeper understand and a desire for more to come. Don’t miss this interesting contrast & twist. 

The Anointing of a Sinful Woman

6/09/19 – Pastor Tom will be sharing on Luke 7:36-50, as we learn about how those who are forgiven much will love much. Jesus goes to dinner with a Pharisee and is ministered to by a prostitute with a foot washing that puts the host to shame. Come and learn about the type of church that Jesus demonstrates that we should be. 

The Wide World of Fathers in the Word

6/16/19 – For Father’s Day we will be taking a Sports Break in our routine of going through the Gospel of Luke. Instead we will explore “The Wide World of Fathers in the Word: The Good, The Bad and The Godly”. Pastor Tom will be sharing a unique perspective at the team sport of fathering found in Scripture. So, come Sunday wearing your favorite sports jersey, or hat, and represent!!! We will learn valuable lessons and applications in our role as fathers/men, and yes women, of the Word! Invite your father, grandfather, or someone who’s a father figure to you to this very special Sunday service!  

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Forging A Firm Faith: Planting the Seeds of Faith

6/23/19 – Pastor Lenny will be beginning a new series within a series while taking us through Luke Chapter 8 with a mini-series called “Forging A Firm Faith”. You won’t want to miss the beginning of this new sermon series as we look into Luke 8:1-18 *Planting the Seeds of Faith” where Jesus explains what life-changing faith is and provides some warnings for those whose faith may seem real, but isn't. works.

Forging A Firm Faith: Finding the Evidence for Faith

6/30/19 – Do you know the evidence for your faith? Would you know where to look to find it? How firm are you in your faith? Well then, join us as Pastor Lenny continues his mini-series called “Forging A Firm Faith” as we process through the Gospel of Luke. Don’t miss this vital information as Pastor Lenny will be sharing with us all how we can all be “Finding Evidence for Faith” as he walks us through Luke 8:19-25. Forging A Firm Faith: Finding the Evidence for Faith

Forging A Firm Faith: Summoning the Courage for Faith

7/07/19 – Pastor Lenny will be sharing from Luke 8:26-39, which offers us a contrast between those who have faith and those who deny the working of God before them. Here's how you can learn from the latter to become more like the former. Forging a Firm Faith will be a four-part mini-series taught on Sunday mornings based on the eighth chapter of the Gospel of Luke